After the accident that forced him to stop interpreting Hoy: the newspaper of Adam and Eve …, Miguel Ángel Solá returns to the stage. Tonight, at the Palacio Valdés de Avilés, he opens “For the pleasure of seeing her again”, with which he began a long tour of Spain.

What is the pleasure of returning to the theater?

Show me that I can continue to go on stage after the accident 4d in malaysia. I’ve been doing it for 49 years and I need it. And the pleasure of returning to work with my wife (Blanca Oteyza) and with the director (Manuel Gil González). And with the public, because without it there is no theater.

What is the play about?

The theme we touch is the relationship of a mother with a child. It is so great for everyone that at twenty minutes, as in Today: the newspaper of Adam and Eve …, the story of each one is triggered, each one completes it in a very powerful way. It is a story of love and recognition towards the mother, which is not only the one that brings you into the world, but the one that helps you stay.
The director says that the play “is simple theater, with the minimum of artifice.”
We like the theater that leaves the center of the stage to the actor and in which all that matters is emotion. You have to transmit it so that the public leaves, tell the work the next day, and the work that counts is already another, different from the one he saw, but which is the one that impregnated him. For the pleasure of seeing her again, she is one of those who wants to return to the theater, as with Hoy … that there were those who saw her ten times.
Does the work begin when the performance ends?
There it begins. A work, like a book, without anyone telling it after seeing it is dead.

Can you live without theater?

You can live without many things, but we need the theater from the caverns. The mammoth hunter had his gestures and his noises how fierce he was and how he had killed her … The man needs the news that the theater brings.
And you?
He attacked me 200 years ago and got into my blood like a poison. I am the ninth generation of actor, although only the sixth testable. It’s funny, because at first I didn’t want to know anything about the theater, it had taken me many hours to be with my mother. But at 20, recently graduated in Human Relations, I saw in the newspaper the announcement of a test and my vocation was born.
He acts with his wife with whom he has been 16, of the 10 they have shared on stage. Don’t tell me you chose the work by the title.
(Laughter) It was because of the content. It is not a text by Shakespeare, but it is a very beautiful, endearing work, with all the beautiful things that my mother would have liked to say.

Do the sufferings shared on stage help in real life?

Yes, the scenario cures the everyday shit.
The director says that you want to retire with that work.
I would have retired with Hoy … but I had the accident and I can’t do it for now. It was a very nice job like freshly baked bread, we did it more than 2,600 times and it was still fresh. I have also taken a lot of love from this one.
Where have you kept Dalmatia (Hoy character :)?
They are very present because he and Eloísa gave us our house. We had to work until exhaustion, mortgage ourselves to the eyebrows, but we owe them every brick, the clothes of our daughters and some of the best moments of our lives.
In the theater he usually plays cute roles, while in movies or television he makes tougher characters. Why?
Because the characters I do in the theater are paid by me. No one would think to order them.

Which ones do you prefer?

I like them all. Each character has its own reason, has left someone and needs to express itself, even if it is a person’s shit. I like those who make people laugh or cry, those who explain why it is worth living; and more those who caress than those who strike. But you have to love them, even if they are detestable. The hard part is finding the place to love them.